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Apparently Im getting this...

Italian Plastic

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For school next year I'll be in a Netbook/Laptop class. The school is offering this netbook that they bought in bulk...


I want a laptop but my parents don't seem to think so...Is this Netbook any good?

I mean, I use some Video Editing software, iTunes and all that stuff a lot. Will it be able to handle those?


I'm no good at this lappy toppy stuffff

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this HP Mini's got generally good reviews so far, from what i've seen. & it's originally aimed at business users, so specs tend to be a bit better.


& the HP Mini netbooks tend to look classier than the competitors (namely the ASUS eeePC that started the whole netbook trend)...if you're also considering looks. cos HP tends to go with a metallic finish for the Minis.


the 1GB of RAM should be enough to handle what you usually run, but it's upgradable up to 2GB RAM anyway. & that'll be more than enough to handle iTunes & video editing. & the 7200rpm HDD it's running on is a pretty decent HDD speed as well as a nice big storage of 160GB.


tho it's running on an Intel Atom CPU, so don't expect everything to run super smooth like on a desktop PC running an Intel Core2Duo CPU, especially if you like to multitask. & try not to view HD videos on a netbook...these netbooks can't really cope with anything higher than 720p, in my experience.

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