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I have a celebrity crush on Emily Haines


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Yeah, it doesn't constitute as a weird crush. I think its pretty legit.


And yes I have a celebrity Coldplayer crush on Maky Hip Thruster. And she's definitely a celeb after the awards yesterday.


And this thread also belongs in this section since she does solo stuff too!


I'm listening to Knives Don't Have Your Back. Such a great album.

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Make sure to write us an awesome review!


...Of the show, I mean. Not about your sexual fantasies. Pervert.

(Haha, score one for the unintended "fantasies" reference)


Ahaha you'll be sure to get an awesome review and hopefully some awesome photos as well.


Zooey FTW!!!!!




thats right i went there!!!

I don't know man. This is the line -> | :toilet:<- and that is you.

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