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Holla all

Viva La Coldplay 87

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Hey guys!! I'm back!! :D


First of all, thanks alot for welcoming me to the forums. :)


Second, I greatly apologize for my sudden absence. College, family and my personal stuff had gotten in the way, plus I forgot my password and had a HARD time resetting it (i.e. - The ressted password not working. lol).


Anyways, I'm back and ready to rock, Coldplay style! ;)

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Hey guys, Pedro here again. What's up? :)


Again, a thousand apologies for the absences, college life and family is always a distraction from disscusing anything Coldplay or music, but I have managed to get back in the forums and made a post or two reguarding "Mylo Xyloto".


But I'm back in full force and ready to stay here more often. Thanks, guys! :thumbsup:

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