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Five £100 prizes for category winners of the Coldplaying Awards 2009 (result in first post)


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Here was the draw that took place on Friday


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nheNzXik90Y]YouTube- Coldplaying Awards 2009 - £500 prize draw[/ame]




The draw for the five £100 prizes for the Coldplaying Awards 2009 category winners will be made tomorrow (Friday) around noon (GMT). Each person who won these categories will be automatically entered to win an equal share of the £££ cash.


The prizes will be sent out over the next few days to the first five drawn out at random. This will hopefully enable the winners to receive their prize before Christmas, and you could even use the £££ in the clearout sale (if you're a Coldplay fan that is!)


Terms and conditions:


1) Administrators are exempt from this competition.

2) For categories in which an administrator has won the 1st place, the 2nd placed person has been entered in the draw.

3) In the event of a winner coming from a tied category, only the person drawn out will win.

4) Where a person has won more than one category, they will only be entered into the draw once.

5) Adjudicators include two administrators and one moderator who are not eligable the draw.

6) Prizes will be sent out before Christmas via Paypal. If winners decide on a cheque, then the prize may not be received until January 2010.

7) Winners will be announced via the ColdplayingHQ Twitter account after 12pm GMT on Friday 18th December.

8) Once the draw has been taken a YouTube video will be uploaded as confirmation afterwards.

9) Please note a 4% charge will be required by Paypal before prizes are received. Please also note that international winners (e.g. those outside of the UK) may be charged for cashing a foreign cheque by their bank. Coldplaying has no control over any charges made against the £100 and will not make up the figure retrospectively.

10) The administrators' decision on the winners is final!


The winners of the following categories will be eligible for entry into the prize draw:


Mr Coldplaying of 2009 (Briggins, Jayzo)

Miss/Mrs/Ms Coldplaying of 2009 (Lore)

Most Interesting Poster of 2009 (Crests of Daylight)

Friendliest User of 2009 (Makayla, SueDeNimes)

Funniest poster of 2009 (mc_squared)

Biggest Chris fan 2009 (In a telescope lens)

Biggest Jonny Fan 2009 (but a dream)

Biggest Will fan 2009 (CookyMnstr)

Biggest Guy fan 2009 (guyluvsliz)

Best "Newcomer to Coldplaying.com" of 2009 (Crests of Daylight)

Best Forum Staff Member of 2009" (Kite)

Best "Signature award of 2009" (Twisted mind)

Best avatar of 2009 (i'maveryneatMonster.)

Biggest Smiley user of 2009 (Crests of Daylight)

Biggest Coldplaying Perv 2009 (Knight of Cydonia)

Northern & Western Europe Ambassador 2009 (Chavi)

Eastern & Southern Europe Ambassador 2009 (MK)

Asian Ambassador 2009 (rudy_o)

North American Ambassador 2009 (Crests Of Daylight)

South American Ambassador 2009: (Lore)

Mexican & Central American Ambassador 2009: (Pris)

African Ambassador 2009 (Ab)

Oceania Ambassador 2009 (The Escapist)

Most likely to scare coldplay into early retirement 2009 award (Yossarian)

The award for biggest spammer of 2009 (Crests of Daylight)

Best Fan-Fiction Writer 2009 (Coldplay_is_louve)

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Here was the draw that took place on Friday



I didn't see the vid until now... Sammybeeburns is ready to be a rockstar/movie star, etc.. he's so cute :blush:


And Mimi is also very cute:wacky:


congrats everyone!


and Ren is a crazy boy, I hate you:heart: :bigcry:

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Guest LiquidSky
OHmy! Thank you so much! :nice:




ZOMG Money :wideeyed:


Thanks everyone! :hug:





Holy molly! I never won anything in my life before! Ian is my new Santa :santa2:

Btw, is that mich in the vid? :o If so, i love you Mich :kiss:


And congrats everyone!:santa:

and yes and congrats!:P


Mich has magic hands :D


I agree, Min! Congrats to you as well :nice:

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