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Aww f*cking add !

I had an add for the Coldplay Paris gig "buy your tickets now" even though it was all over since weeks :sick:


Btw... I looooooove your pornstache siggy Lore :wacky:


really? :( stupid ads :angry:


aww thank you :wacky:


Deberias regresar a la universidad Lore. :kiss:


I don't have to... until march :D


Big :hug: Lore!



One more reason to use Firefox and install AdBlock!!!


I like Chrome :wacky:


Yeah, that would be weird. :uhoh2: Sorry :(





they will get all my money with those awful prices and now they want to make me remember it during my free time :bigcry:

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I like Chrome :wacky:

Chome FTW.

:hug: Aww Loe. That is quite ceepy though.


EDIT: Sowwy, I fucked up fou of the keys on my keyboad (the # fou beig oe of them)


EDIT EDIT: Damn it! Let me take out my On-Screen Keyboard.


I like Chrome :wacky:

Chrome FTW.

:hug: Aww Lore. That is quite creepy though.


I fucked up my 'n', 'r', '4', and '5' key because I don't take good care of my laptop. Ironically, I lost four keys and I can't tell anyone because I cannot spell four in word or letter form.


That pretty much sums it up.

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