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Lady Waa Waa: Eccentric singer breaks down when presented with plaque for selling 8 million records


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Lady Waa Waa: Eccentric singer breaks down when presented with plaque for selling 8 million records worldwide



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:31 AM on 25th December 2009



Lady Gaga broke down in tears as she received a plaque for selling 8 million records worldwide.


Decked in another dazzlingly weird outfit, the eccentric singer spilled her emotions after receiving the commemorative plaque at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles after the last of her three sold out performances at the venue.


Earlier in the week, she had reflected on her sudden rise to the top, saying: 'A year ago this month I was opening for Natasha Bedingfield and the New Kids on the Block - at this theatre.'


Enlarge article-0-07B253D3000005DC-287_638x596.jpg Overcome: The eccentric singer is emotional after receiving a plaque for selling 8 million records worldwide


Enlarge article-0-07B253C3000005DC-787_636x515.jpg Meteoric rise: Lady Gaga reflected earlier this week on her overnight success

The singer declare herself a 'gothic Tinkerbell', in danger of dying unless her fans scream - and they have obliged during her ongoing Monster Ball world tour.

And she in turn, has put in a performance to remember - whether it's crawling on the floor in a glossy black bustier, or sleek in red vinyl and rhinestone glitter.

But strange as her routines have been, it would come as no surprise given her gig on The X Factor earlier this month, where she asked for a giant bathroom to be built onstage.


Enlarge article-0-07B187E8000005DC-217_636x547.jpg The singer's performance in LA - part of her Monster Ball tour - was as bizarrely electric as ever



Enlarge article-0-07B03685000005DC-907_634x469.jpg The self-styled gothic Tinkerbell pulled out all the stops in this performance

In the end, she did nothing worse than cavort with a host of dancers in the huge 4metre-long bath while performing her latest single, Bad Romance, but the production team behind the show had reason to be nervous.

Just a few months before, at the MTV Awards in New York in September, she had hung from the ceiling covered in fake blood after pretending to stab herself while performing her hit Paparazzi.

The 23-year-old is also notorious for performing in a conical bra that shoots out fireworks.


Enlarge article-0-07B18353000005DC-63_636x460.jpg A relatively sober moment on the show at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles


Enlarge article-0-07B17D71000005DC-86_634x286.jpg And back to what she does best, in her performance of 'Bad Romance'

She also recently performed at the Royal Variety show dressed as Elizabeth I - in latex


Lady Gaga - real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - is also known to insist on a closed set for rehearsals, with insiders revealing she does not want anyone to see her without her make-up on.

But there's no doubt that she's here to stay for now - and the gothic Tinkerbell's light is in no imminent danger of fading.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1238307/Lady-Gaga-singer-breaks-presented-plaque-selling-8-million-records-worldwide.html#ixzz0agnunwRx

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She's made the year in music so much more interesting - love her or hate her, she certainly gives us plenty to talk about




I actually like her, she makes pop music more interesting and her songs are actually kinda catchy and nice. She's way better than most boring and annoying pop stars these days.

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