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Guy Berryman breaks his ankle in Holidays ? NO!


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The bass guitar player of the band Coldplay, Guy Berriman, would severely fractured ankle last Sunday at his rest house in Maidstone. According to sources of UK News, Guy had arrived Sunday to Maidstone, Kent where he was chatting with family and friends when he suffered the accident. He was immediately taken to Maidstone Health Center where he had to undergo surgery. The surgery and postoperative activities will leave outside for 45 days according to medical sources.


Just time to get ready for their next concert tour in Latin America that starts on February 26 2010l.

The ankle is a complex joint that forms where three bones come together. The bones of the lower leg, the tibia and the fibula, are above the joint, and the talus is below the joint. When a doctor talks about an ankle fracture, he or she is usually talking about a broken bone of the tibia or fibula.


The Broken Ankle


When a broken ankle occurs, the injury may be to the end of the tibia (the medial malleolus) or to the fibula (the lateral malleolus), or both. There are many different type of ankle fractures, and attempting to discuss them is the subject of textbooks, not pamphlets like this. The point is, every ankle fracture MUST be treated individually. You must see your doctor and go over the treatment plan with him or her.





i kinda get the feeling this isn't true, since it's not very detailed or in proper English :P



aww, but if it is true :( :guy::hug:

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