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Seriously WTF?


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First of all, mods feel free to move that thread to the right section.


ok here's the thing, i logged in on my lastfm, and i checked the recommended free mp3, and i find this:


Chris Martin - Where's Gwyneth Paltrow? (3:31)


It's been mentioned before?

seriously what's the point in this? :confused:

it should have his colab music, but this? :facepalm:


Btw do the other songs listed are really of him?


All I Need

ring di alarm

angel time

no second dance

queen of the jungle

the legend of davy jones: forthy fathoms below

part of the heart of the sky

melody to my song

no second dance


tea for the tillerman

real frenz

beach chair

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Guest LiquidSky
Chris Martin[/url] is a comic, hense the where is GP thing.


There's also a hip hop artist called Chris Martin which is what those other songs are :)



I would change the name if I was him

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There's a lot of famous "Chris Martin's" out there ;)

* Chris Martin, English frontman of Coldplay :heart:

* Chris Martin (American football), American NFL linebacker (retired)

* Chris Martin (artist), American painter

* Chris Martin (cricketer), New Zealand cricketer

* Chris Martin (footballer born 1988), English striker for Norwich City

* Chris Martin (footballer born 1990), English goalkeeper for Port Vale

* Chris William Martin, Canadian actor

* Christopher Martin, English pilgrim on The Mayflower

* Christopher Martin (entertainer), American rapper

* DJ Premier (born as Christopher Martin), American DJ and record producer

* Chris Martin (comedian), British stand-up comedian

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