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Hello everybody.


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I am Piyush from New Delhi, India. I've been a HUGE coldplay fan since last one and a half year. I haven't got any chance to be in a Coldplay concert and i'm desperately waiting for them to play in my country and i hope they will be here in next few years probably =/ I love reading , listening to music (ofcourse Coldplay 24*7), watching movies and love parties/friends. The first song i heard of coldplay was ' God put a smile upon ya face' 2 years back i guess. I have some great friends who are big Coldplay fans ! I hope i get a chance to see them live very soon. :|

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thanks to everyone for your welcome message. well being a loyal fan I don't miss a single update on Coldplay.com and on Coldplay's official page on facebook and i've been surfing this website as well since last few months but as a guest only so finally i joined as a member. I hope i would like to share every idea and feeling about Coldplay I have. :) cheers!;)

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