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Greetings from my world…

Sonic Soul Searcher

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:D Hi to all,

I've been lurking for a while now and it's a good site for browsing, so I thought I might as well come out into the open and register. I'll try to post here and there when time allows me to and if I've got something interesting to say. All sorts of music styles can catch my interest and I've collected a huge amount of CDs and vinyl over time. Coldplay's sound is one that I've enjoyed a lot, so that's why I'm here.


Now, what can I say about myself and what do you really need to know?

I was born, played and had fun, went to school, went to art college, worked in the rather less than glamourous area of graphic design, played in a few bands along the way, still occasionally make my own music, still occasionally make my own art, married a wonderful woman, love all sorts of mysteries, eat, drink, sleep, dream, plus all the usual and the unusual. Some things I prefer to keep secret, while others I don't mind sharing.


Out for now,

Sonic :wink:

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:) Thanks for the welcome folks.


Just a quick message to The Final Track and anyone else interested:

I'm glad you like my avatar as it's one of a set of images that I've created myself. If you're keen to see them, I've just added a message and a link over in this post in the 'Entertainment and Arts' section:



And also a link to my music over in the World of Music section:



You'll need to scroll down as my message is further down on those pages. Check them out if you like and post a reply over in those threads if you're into it. If not, that's fair enough, as I know it isn't to everyone's taste.


Out for now,

Sonic ;)

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