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A Decade of Coldplay - One BIG List

Chris's Nuts

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Well I put one big timeline for Coldplay's career. A discography of their releases, a gigography of their shows, youtube clips and links to their videos, and personal observations and a few clips to the shows i saw them at in Denver. Its one of nearly 300 lists I have on RYM (rate your music) but probably one of the most personal ones I've put out. While there's plenty of silent fans there I thought it would be best to (briefly) shout of my love for the band and what they've been able to do this decade.


If you feel i missed any important moments or factoids that others should know let me know and I'll possibly add to it. If there's any coldplayers on RYM you can always send me a shout of support there and heart it. As always we might not have the "coolest" band out there (as we're constantly reminded) but i think there's more than enough fans to counterbalance the haters. ;)

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that's great :nice: it must have taken you for ever to put all together.

if i was on that website i would heart it :heart:


not too long. 2 slow saturdays at work (w/internet access) and myabe 1 day off. A lot of this info I had on my fansite already and i just added it there.

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Coldplay vs U2


If U2 sits on a throne at the top of modern success (and with 145 million albums and the largest concerts today it's clear they do) then it's only natural that someone was going to go gunning for their spot. While it's clear the band admires U2 they made a clear push with X&Y to be the "biggest band in the world". Whether that means joining them at the top or knocking them off depends on the eye of beholder. I will say Coldplay this decade > U2 this decade in a heartbeat so in that manner they've already won. Whether they can do that for another decade or two successfully is a whole other discussion.






ps: you should add the latin tour at the end :D

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if that's the latin tour this year i ommited that as its 2010 and a new decade. It was bad enough i entitled a decade of Coldplay and have their early years (1997-99) but that was still needed and only a small part of the list. I will gladly plug in holes that remain up to Dec 2009 but no planning on updating it for this new decade as that would be an ongoing thread and with nearly 300 lists on RYM that's more than i can commit.


But thx all

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