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When you feel you love someone, do you think about what loving someone entails?


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hahaha... i think so. I mean loving someone does involve a lot of things and you must think of that if you're gonna love them.. i guess you must be selfless and think more about the other person in a way...


and like Chuck said, at the end, it's worth it :wacky:

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what's entail?

sorry, i have a rather limited range of vocab.


Like what it means in the long run.


It's pretty easy to fall in love with someone really, but going through it all and telling eachother you love eachother means it sticks with you, even 3 years later when they annoy you in the early hours of morning.


I guess that's what I meant by this topic.

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Love is a giant load over her face...then watching your love splat all over her face in slow-mo repeatedly. Awww <3



Love is compromise.


That's not love... that's just sex. Sex is not always love.

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Like what Christmas said, if you want a relationship to work, you should think about where you're going and what you need to do to get there. :nice: :uhoh:


Sex > Love > Pie (but not by much)


But isn't pie...? :uhoh:

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