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Please help!!


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Okay, so I have to do a report on stocks. My class is doing a project where there are two teams, and each team gets 50 real dollars to buy real stock. Before we do that, however, we have to research three stocks that are under five dollars, and pick one and give some details and the reason why we should buy it and how much we think we will make. Oh and it isn't a long-term investment, we're flipping all the stocks in the middle of June. If you can help, please do! I've been trying to find some for three hours now and I can't find a thing!

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Good luck.


I once heard about an experiment where they let a class of first graders pick a bunch of stock at random every week, and they would consistently do much better than the major stock analysts. :freak:


It's kind of a silly game if you're not in it long term. Legalized gambling.

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