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Are you in favor or against homosexual marriage?


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I'm Christian, therefore, I guess I am not supposed to support gay marriage. But, on the other hand, my opinion on gay marriage is that you can't avoid it, so why fight it? It's always going to be there. Plus, just because you are gay, doesn't mean that you aren't a person. So, if you were straight, and the rest of the world was gay, would you want to be protested against, just because of your sexual attractions? So, in essence, I guess you could say that I support gay marriage. But, that shouldn't make me any less of a Christian.


Good post. That's pretty much how it should be.;)

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Even if you despise gay people (although I can't imagine why), this is one of those social phenomenon that you're better off simply ignoring.


I'm gay and I get annoyed around some homos, because they are obnoxious and rude. Like Bruno. If you're straight, please don't let them get away with that shit. Say aloud: COULD YOU PLEASE LOWER YOUR VOICE AND CALM DOWN. YOU ARE BOTHERING ME.


A lot of gay people (whether they will admit it or not) feel a need to be promiscuous and act childishly - probably as a result of growing up trying their best to fit in. So in any group of friends, you've got the nerd, the fatty, the sporty guy, and the fag.


If you continue to identify someone by a certain personality trait, that will become how they identify themselves. So ignore the gayness and look at other stuff, if you want a mentally-healthy society and more depth in your relationships.


Sorry if that sounds only tangentially related to the original topic, but I'm sort of beyond that political argument now. I prefer explaining economics.


Great post! Can I say that? I'm not a gay, does it make me homophobic? I'll just say it, I've probably met about 8 or 10 gay guys, and all except one or two were so fucking annoying. Often because of the loud attention seeking and overly camp attitude.


I still don't consider myself homophobic, maybe it's been a coincidence that I've come across so many gay bastards. One I worked with everyday with a team of people, and I noticed about him what I never realised about other gay guys I've known, they like knowing everyones secrets, they always want to know the dirt on people or 'gossip'. This kid would constantly be asking questions about everyone, and if there was a hint of weakness or something wrong in their life, he'd pounce on it. I guess that comes from keeping his own secret about being gay through his teenage years, and now he's out, it's like he has the right to start exposing people's darkness (For example, he was facebook stalking one guy he didn't like and trying to get dirt on him from his friends by pretending to be the guys mate).


Other then that trait, I've also noticed they can be really rude, harshly honest, sometimes horribly disgusting when it comes to sex, just awful.


That said, the person I've mentioned above, when the group was smaller and we had more serious conversations with him, you just saw a completely different side of the guy, when he wasn't showing off or making snide comments (He really was one of the worst people I've ever met). You say that we should try and look for the qualities in gay people and not just the show they put on which can mask their personality, but it's impossible if they just cover themselves with that mask.

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