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Hi Admin/Mods


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Oh, well I'd agree he made fun of Mark, but that wasn't the only thing or primary thing he did, he also made fun of other people. That's pretty much all he did so even if it's funny sometimes, I don't really care that he's going, there would be some days that if you clicked on his recent posts half of them would just be calling people idiots persistently. It's just the retardedness of censoring a user from seeing one other user that just.. gets my goat.

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Forums are useful for certain points in your life. But there comes a time when you re-join the real world and actually do something with your life and realise that forums and the people that are on them really never meant anything at all.


I'd think he left after his inability to see Mark's posts and the restrictions to his account made him realise that it's okay for a 40 year old guy to roam a young person's forum but that it's not okay to actually think there might be something creepy about it.


Mark's 50,000-odd posts and copy and paste jobs in the News section obviously mean more to him than someone's right to voice their concerns.


And now...get ready for some Stalinist purges and a couple of show-trials for your amusment. ;) Don't worry, everything is done for the good of us, the docile proles. :)

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