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American Culture


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Here's a thing that American's love...


"More for less"


You know, like Biggie fries,

have a jumbo popcorn for only a quarter more,

biggie drinks with unlimited refills,

Las Vegas buffets, Old Country Buffet,

bottomless bowl of soup from The Olive Garden..



What else??

Any other's that you can think of?

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Come on Tom, help me out here. Everybody else on this message board likes to make fun of us.. so bring it on baby!!!


Well, really, I wasn't trying to say that all americans are fat, but it is kind of true that there are deals out there like that. I guess I would also like to know what other countries think about us and also other americans and what they see is different compared to other countries when they have travelled abroad.

For example, when we went to England, I noticed that the drinks were smaller (portions)

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Americans ARE relatively fat, though.


I'm pretty down on America as a culture recently so I wouldn't really mind seeing the fat, greedy, ugly American architype perpetrated for a little while.


Hope that doesn't bum people out. Don't take it personally: I'm just acting out. Almost all the Americans I hang out with are super cool people, and if you're reading this in another country I would be happy to introduce them to you so you can say "I know a nice American."


Anybody watching this season of the Real World on MTV? There's some ugly American things happening there.

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i'm kind of scared to know what other countries think of us, because i'm pretty sure it's not good. :rolleyes:


anyway, yeah, i believe food and drink portions are smaller everywhere else in the world. and americans DO seem to have a "bigger is better" mentality. just look at our cars (or mini-buses in many cases).


anyway, i guess i'm fine with americans making fun of america, but it starts bugging me when other people are for some reason.

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actually the reason it bothers me when non-americans do it is because they don't live here, they don't know shit about what it's like to live here, which isn't something you can learn on a week vacation, and to start going on about "americans are stupid, americans are assholes, americans are fat" is really stupid and really fucking ignorant.


ok that's my rant. :rolleyes:

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