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My phone is stuck in a sort of S.O.S mode...any help?

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Hey all.


I've got a mobile phone...and I've been stuck in a sort of SOS call mode for about 15 mins now.


Here's how it happened!


I was messing around on my phone, and I went onto this PIN thing (to enter my PIN number). It turned out it was wrong. Then it asked for something called a PUK code (wtf?).

I have 2 options now: Enter a PUK code (which I have no idea what that is) or call an SOS number (112, 911, 999, 000, 08...etc...)


I call any number, then immediately hang up, hoping to get out of it, but it takes me back to the "Emergency Call" screen. If I choose back from here, it takes me to the "Enter PUK code"

If I enter any PUK code, it asks me for a New PIN1 code, then to verify that code. If these two codes match, it will tell me "Invalid PUK".


Now, I am stuck, i have tried to turn my phone off, then back on again, and to remove the SIM, turn on the camera, hold down all the buttons (at different times) and nothing has happened!


I will need help soon, as I am going to meet a friend in town tomorrow and my parents want me to call them when I get there!


So, if anyone can help me out, I will be eternally grateful!


Oh yeah, my phone is an LG KS500 slide phone in silver, I'm sure that'll help you out!


Thankyou a billion trillion in advance!

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well, looks like im gonna have to get a new sim, but thanks a lot anyway, much apprwciated :)


A new sim , but then your phone number will change ?

Just call you're operator ?

( I don't know if that word is the same in dutch as in English , so if that makes no sense, you know why ! ;))

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You don't have to get a new SIM. Call your SIM provider whoever that is on their helpline and ask for the PUK code. They'll need some details to confirm it's you (for security) but then you get it, put it in and away you go. It's probably a good idea to write it down somewhere safe too.


Trust me, I've done this plenty of times. :disappointed:

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The PIN Unlock Key or PUK as it's shorten to is an extra security system designed when you someone enters the wrong pin into your phone 3 times, it locks down the SIM card.


If you have lost the piece of paper/card which had the PUK number on, phone up your operator (Vodafone/O2 etc) and ask them for it, but be careful if you enter the wrong PUK number 10 times kiss goodbye to your sim card as it locks it out permanently.


So Phone up your phone operator and ask for a PUK.

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