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Fyfe Dangerfield


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yes it probably should ^



I'm going to be one of the people on start liking him because his cover of Always a woman to me on the advert :shame:

but come on, it's a great cover.


I heard his stuff a bit back but i didn't have much interest in it,

but i've started listening again in the past few days :nice:

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I really like Fyfe Dangerfield and his album is great stuff, my personal fave being She Needs Me.


I'm also currently in love with his gorgeous cover of the Billy Joel song She's Always A Woman, which also currently features on the new John Lewis advert.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy5sGcNLD4c]Fyfe Dangerfield - She's Always A Woman (Full Song)[/ame]



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