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Matt McGinn interviewed on Radio Kent (UK) today


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Matt McGinn (author of 'Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay') is being interviewed about the book this afternoon on the Pat Marsh show, which is on from 1pm till 4pm.


Pat's a pretty good interviewer, very light-hearted and non-controversial but often gets good insight from guests. It'll probably only be for about five minutes I'd guess.


The rest of his show's a mix of a lot of human interest and jokey banter. Oh, and lots of 80s music :P


Anyone in the UK can listen for up to seven days afterwards (I think) on iPlayer. I'd record it but I don't know how...



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Most welcome guys :nice:


Tracks you'll probably hear if you listen to the whole show:


Fix You

Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth

Something by Bob Marley (probably Three Little Birds or Could You Be Loved)

Something by Earth, Wind and Fire

Spandau Ballet - Gold

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black




either a heads up or a warning! :laugh3:

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Well, the music's been surprisingly good so far!


It sounds like the interview will be sometime between 2 and 2:30, as I think the School Report's on then (a delightful section where Pat chats to a local primary school kiddie or two about their favourite lessons and whatnot).


Gotta love local BBC radio!

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Nice catch Pete!


I'll record as well just incase yours stuffs up or something Anna :).


edit: the music they play is awesome! haha.


I've been alive for ALL of the songs they've played so far, you've only been alive long enough for one of them - how depressing :cry::laugh3:


http://www.tonsubet.com's offering odds of 2/1 that Billy Ocean's Get Out of My Dreams (Get into My Car) is played before Matt comes on...looks like a banker to me :cool:

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Glad people enjoyed it :) I wish it'd been longer, Marsh always gets good guests and does his homework and then they're only short. It sounded like Matt could talk for hours. He must be doing other similar promotional stuff right now. Think we could get a Coldplaying interview Ian?


Indeed thanks again Pete! Awesome catch!


(I love this radio station :laugh4:).



What a nice interview!

Thanks agin for telling, Pete. :kiss:


My recording went fine. :)

Will be up in a minute.


Again, you're most welcome guys :) It really was a lucky catch as I was visiting Dad today and he always has Radio Kent on - it's not necessarily my first station of choice! Bit disappointed on the cheesy music today - no Lionel Ritchie, no Wham, no Blame it on the Boogie...not a classic from Marsh :laugh3:


Well, I know what to play you in the car next time we're driving through Kent to our next adventure playground Jayzo! :lol:


Great job on the recording and upload Anna :hug:

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