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Why hello there.


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Hey I'm a new member here, and I plan on using this forum often :)

So I'd like to introduce myself, and maybe you can introduce yourself to me and other members.


My name is Reiss (pronounced: reece).

I love coldplay and have listened to them non-stop for the past 2 years. they mean alot to me. I play guitar, which I picked up pureley to learn coldplay songs, and I also skateboard.

The number in my name (16909) is based on the first time i went to see coldplay, 16th of september 2009 at hampden park in glasgow. was one of the best nights of my life :)

I want to get coldplay related tattoo's, probably will get the first next year.


Tell me about yourself ;)

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Hi I'm new too; Welcome to the Coldplaying family(I Know Cheeesey; But I like the cheese :L)

I'm Kat , I really want to learn guitar but I'm hopeless at things like that; dabble at writting songs but they're no good either :\ If i were to get a tatoo it would definately have Coldplay lyrics but I'm scared of needles (wuss I Know).

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