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Does anybody else think Nelson Mandela is overrated?

Prince Myshkin

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I said at the start that I was ignorant of the whole event, this encouraged me to read up on it, I never claimed to be an expert but based on what i know i began to form an opinion.

Its interesting to hear your views as you are South African, out of curiousity do you still think there is an element of racial separation in your society? Obviously there will be individuals but I mean in general.

Also you say you were worried about when he came out of prison and that he was sorry for his actions, so you feel his actions were unjustified?

Also you mention positive discrimination, I think this is happening everywhere in the world right now, its utterly absurd.


To answer your questions, in my mind, there sadly seems to be shift from what started out just after he was released as a hopeful outlook towards putting the past behind us, and living as one nation, to the realisation that we have a lot of issues to work through, and racial separation and competition will still be rife, as long as we hold onto the past.


When I said he came out of prison with a heart of forgiveness, I did not mean that he was sorry for what he did, I meant that he held no grudges against the white people and instead of taking revenge, he worked to unify us. Can you imagine, a man who fought for freedom, jailed for a lifetime for that and then rising to power and saying lets put it all behind us and be one. He must be so sad that everything he put his life on the line for, and all the effort he put into making this country incredible is being torn apart by the very political party that he helped to put on the map! A party that is riddled with fat cats and corruption, bent on making the white people pay. Not cool!! :\

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