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not sure if this should be in the WoM, but I thought more people would see/be interested in the thread if it was in the lounge. anyway after the Arcade Fire webcast and discussion of the live performance and me doing previous listening parties online with friends I thought it be cool to do some listening parties here on coldplaying. Basically it's having people listen to an album at the same time and discuss it.


Rules/how it works:

Someone will post a link online to somewhere to discuss an album (a site like tinychat, ustream, etc.). whomever is in charge of the album listening party will then post a specific time for people to come in and join the chat.


From there it really depends on what happens. i guess you have to judge if people own the album, and if not if there's a way they have to find a way to listen to the album (either on a site like myspace, rhapsody, or even have the host play the album via webcam or something).


Once you have people ready the host of the listening party will count down and when he/she says "go" or something all people within the chat will start the album at roughly the same time.


Then from there people will be able to chat and discuss the album and favorite parts, etc.(if people come in late i guess people can always direct people as to where they are in an album [a specific time in a song,etc])

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