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Loving Yourself.


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omg when I was younger I really didn't love myself and there was a time that I believed that I don't deserve to be loved which is a consequence of not loving yourself obviously...wow this stuff has pulled me down quite much....I think that was at the age between 14 and 17 or maybe 18...I think by that time I have never really noticed that I am a cool girl actually, I remember that someone I considered as "cool" back then asked me why I act so shy and such, because I seem to be quite cool...I was really surprised because I used to think that exactly those people wouldn't like me at all...


but I have really developed...and right at the this point I even say about myself that I love myself...the things I do, my personality and wow I even like my phsyical appearance (strange expression haha)...sure, there are always things you don't like about yourself and there is still some stuff that I don't love or like about myself....but this is just normal....and in the end nobody is perfect and nobody should be....it's just too bad that you get the impression that you have to be perfect when you are a teenager though....people should act the way they are and not the way others tell them to.(e.g. the media)


I think we care too much about what others think of us...esp. when we are young...I really hope everyone comes to a point one day they don't give a fuck anymore...there are always people out there who don't like you, but there are also people who love you just for who you are...I think this is the main thing I have realised in the past year especially...and it feels really good....2010 has been a great year for me so far and I hope it will get even better...


wow I never thought I would write something like that....:wacky:

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not love myself, I following an unconditional depressive but I do not show


but I understand people are unhappy and try to help


because not know what is be loved by someone in my life never

I remember only when I was little girl loved by all .

Now I'm like invisible by the people or worse because I received lots of psychologic injury in my life. and then one day, goes out of people to live alone .


could never work as love yourself to love the others, the opposite for me.


because we are conditioned by the people. we do not build ourselves.

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