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one movie that you will always be scared of


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has anyone ever seen a movie that freaked them out so much that it still scares them to this day?


mine is mars attacks. kinda stupid because it's supposed to a comedy, but that movie scares the shit out of me! no joke! i saw it in theatres when it came out. i started crying in the movie theatre. i saw it when i was like 5 or 6 okay!? i remeber very clearly. i said to my brother, tell me when the killings over. he said okay. when i opened my eyes i saw an aliens brain exploding. :embarrased:


but i still hate that movie and never ever want to see it again in my life.

*shudders at the thought*


so, anyone?

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Jurassic Park scared the shit out of me when i first saw it. The most scary thing was the part where the dilophosaurus (sp?) kills the fat dude. But i remember that i had some nightmares with velociraptors too. Damn, they shouldn't let 6 years old kids watch that movie!

Oh yeah, and the movie Alien was really scary too! :o

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any movie by David Lynch is freaky. Blue Velvet being the freakiest out of all of them. The movie is a drama, but some of the things that happen, make you feek queasy, and the movie itself is very disturbing.


David Lynch also did Twin Peaks!

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