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These Lyrics???

Technicolor Liver

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I had never seen that :stunned:. Well, I don't have the tour programme, lol. They probably are, since it would be weird that they put there some random lyrics. Remember how the lyrics for Glass of Water were printed on the Viva La Vida booklet, when the song was released months later in Prospekt's March?

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Everyone seems to be obsessed over the mysterious "Famous Old Painters" :laugh3: I think that songs may have their title changed by the time they're finished and released. So I think those could very well be titles for any of the songs -or part of songs, since they also have made one songs from different pieces of music they had written before- we know. That said, I also think there are lots of songs we have never heard. I think LRLRL is one of them, right?


Just by reading the lyrics, I think that it seems more like a "Prospekt's March" kind of song that "VLV" kind of song, which could reinforce your theory, but that's just a feeling.

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this might help




or better yet...




it looks like the second line might say "and if you're going to go words are meaningless" :shrug:


I can only see ''Still I love you so much that it hurts''

It could be one of the many parts cut of from Reign Of Love (originally intended to be long 21 minutes)...


What? O_O :thinking: (...)

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