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LP5 Predictions


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I think I'm going to like it, but it's going to fall just a tad short.


Hope I'm wrong.


Keeping my fingers crossed for Chris's best lyrics yet, though. As a melodist, he's pretty much already reached perfection.


Edit: I hope they mix the tracks in a way that we can actually hear Guy. :P

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I hope I wont have the same feeling that I had when I listened to Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends for the first time.


And don't want a new style, I just want to hear Coldplay as they are, making me feel so happy and satisfied..

Sorry, I cant explain my feelings when i hear them..

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I am hoping for a darker tune, or a couple of them, to be honest... Something like "A whisper" (yes i happen to love that song) , "Yes", "Daylight" ... something like that, dark,twisted...maybe even a bit more hard rock than their usual...


And some real nice heartbreaking ballad like The Scientist...


But then again, I just want them to be true to themselves, make the music they like, not what people expect from them.

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Some real rockers would be nice.


My dad complains that Coldplay's music is all too mellow...that you can't dance or rock out to their music. Lol


Coldplay need to make music you can mosh too. :P :lol:


. . . but not really. That's not their style, and as soon as they force a style it's going to sound awful. :P


So I'm not really going to speculate, I'm just going to sit back and wait for whatever they make.

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