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Promotion of Harry Potter Survey


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Hey, I know a lot of these are going around right now, so I apologise. But I would appreciate some help please.


I have to write a report for Uni and I've decided to do mine on the promotion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie.


So basically, what I want to know is, how has it been promoted where you live? What've you seen? Trailers, posters, anything is helpful :)


Thank you in advance :)

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(I don't blame you for not watching them, the movies are pretty awful!)


erm... just a thought here, if you want people to help you with a survey, it would be best not to be biased :rolleyes:


anyway, i had known for a long time that the movie would be out in november, but if i hadn't known, there were also many trailers on tv. and of course the internet.

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