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WHAT?! Medium is OVER!?

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Did anyone else watch this amazing show?


I didn't even know it was the series finale, and then all of a sudden (SPOILER ALERT) Joe was dead and she was old and the kids were grown up and then she was dead and they kissed and WHAAAATTT!!!????

And they started profiling the actors and having a little description of what happened to Alison (the real life Alison) and her family and everything. :bigcry:


I can't believe I didn't know it was ending until it was over!!! :bigcry:

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I really liked a few episodes, but I can tell it would be exhausting to really get into that show as in watching it in order, like Cobbie said we have the same thing in the UK where it gets shown on about 3 different channels and the order of episodes are all mussed up.


It's kinda hilarious that you were watching the last episode without knowing it though, you musta been thinking "WTF?! WHERE CAN THE STORY GO FROM HERE?!?!" hahahahaha

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