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[8-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa [FILMING PART OF PARADISE VIDEO]

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South African shows announced

9 May 2011 6:45 am

Dates in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October


Good morning. We're very pleased to report that Coldplay will be heading to South Africa in October to play their first ever shows in the country. The dates are as follows:


5th October - Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town

8th October - FNB Stadium, Johannesburg


Tickets go on sale from Computicket.com and 083 915 8000 at 9am (local time) on Thursday 12th May.









Reports - Coldplay to visit South Africa in October 2011 (announcement expected Monday)


Coldplay will visit South Africa in October 2011 for two concerts, one in Joburg and one in Cape Town, according to hints from certain local media outlets and DJs overnight. But there is a media embargo on releasing official announcements through the stations until Monday morning - so we've heard.


That embargo is being maintained by Prime Media’s radio outlets until tomorrow. Only then will an announcement about a visit by "one of England's biggest arena bands who are coming to South Africa for the first time" (as hinted at on one of the stations yesterday afternoon) be made. Earlier today, 94.7/KFM radio jock Mark Pilgrim also made a number of not so subtle hints about the announcement on-air.


His 'clues' included a suggestion that the band has 4 members and that they hail from the United Kingdom. The clincher by far though was his suggestion that one of band members has a child named Apple (Chris Martin does with his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow).


With that sort of information around, it’s really not surprising that well connected people (connected in the interwebs sense) are again in a position to beat the official information release. Suspicions are for earlier in the month rather than later as Coldplay are scheduled to appear at the Rock in Rio festival on 1st October, and could hop across to visit South Africa from there.


At least that is what all the rumour and gossip is telling us. You’ve gotta love a good and groovy live concert rumour mill. The promoters and media houses get forced into meeting press release embargoes and the <a href=http://search.twitter.com/search?lang=en&max_id=67119630950465536&page=2&q=coldplay+south+africa target="_blank">Twitterverse</a> gets to talk all they want. Should the information turn out to be accurate – and there’s no obvious reason why it won’t – then the concerts in South Africa will be the only true Coldplay concerts for 2011. All their other scheduled 2011 live appearances so far are at Music Festivals.


According to the Bla Bla blog, dates being suggested are for Cape Town only at this stage, and the dats they've picked up is the 5th - a Wednesday. Could it be that Joburg will see weekend dates around those? We’ll wait and see what news Monday brings, and will add the official concert dates and ticket information to this as soon as it is confirmed.

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Coldplay's Johannesburg concert date angers Jewish fans




Coldplay's Johannesburg concert date angers Jewish fans


The Johannesburg leg of Coldplay’s South African tour will fall on Yom Kippur and many Jewish fans have already voiced their dissatisfaction, according to the IOL website today.


Yom Kippur, which is also known as Day of Atonement, is one of the holiest days of the Jewish calendar. Jews traditionally observe a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, with most of the day spent in synagogue services. Irate fans voiced the unhappiness on social networking sites like Twitter. One of the more prominent tweeters, Mandy Wiener, wrote: “The Joburg #Coldplay concert is on the most religious Jewish holiday of the year, Yom Kippur. So no jews can go. Outrageous. @BigConcerts”


According to the tour publicist, Penny Stein, the dates were set in accordance with the bands international tour schedule and although it is regrettable that it fell on a religious holiday, there is no question of changing the dates. “Unfortunately it's a case of the band coming from one place and moving to another, and the scheduling was unavoidable. With an artist the size of Coldplay, the dates are set in stone months and months in advance from their touring schedule, and there was nothing that could be done to move them.” she is reported to have said.



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^ That's ridiculous! :laugh3: Coldplay can't base their concert dates on the schedules of their fans. If the Jewish fans want to go to the concert, there is nothing stopping them from doing so. It's their own problem.


I couldn't agree more. Next you'll have Christians saying Coldplay shouldn't perform on Sundays.:dozey:

Anyway, Christ Martin can do what he likes!:P

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Exactly! Besides, I don't think that there are that many Jews in Johannesburg, and obviously not all of them are Coldplay fans. Then if you subtract those who actually would have gone to the concert anyway, there are not enough people left to actually change the date over. :rolleyes: People are so self-centered.

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Exactly! Besides, I don't think that there are that many Jews in Johannesburg, and obviously not all of them are Coldplay fans. Then if you subtract those who actually would have gone to the concert anyway, there are not enough people left to actually change the date over. :rolleyes: People are so self-centered.


Or brainwashed.:dozey:

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0.2% of the population from what I read from chelsea this morning!


Yep, 0.2% of the population of South Africa is Jewish. I worked it out, that amounts to about 100,000 people. The stadium they're playing in can HOLD about that many people. I bet like 10 Jewish Johannesburg residents maximum were going to go to this show anyway...and those 10ish people are perfectly within their rights to be disappointed, but to petition for a date change for a problem that affects a tiny, tiny fraction of the population is ridiculous to me. If the concert was in Jerusalem, or NYC, or even most places in the US, I could see why that would have been bad scheduling on Coldplay's part. But Johannesburg? :dozey:

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From Big Concerts:



The maximum amount of tickets allowed per person for purchase is as follows:

20 per person at the Computicket outlets

8 per person trhough the call centre

8 per person online

Get your tickets ASAP!!


Johannesburg – presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net

Saturday 8th October 2011

FNB Stadium Johannesburg

Tickets from R270 – R635


Johannesburg Stage Setup + Prices:.





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Guest kmm1482
You can't take EVERYTHING into consideration. I understand disappointments but nobody can be blamed for it


I'm pissed!!! They didn't take into account the fact that I couldn't go!!

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Tickets going on sale this morning at 9am, which is an hour and a half from now! Friend and I are off to queue a bit earlier, as we are hoping for Golden Circle. Wish me luck :)

Regarding the issue of the Jewish fans, as many people have pointed out on the Big Concerts facebook page, Cape Town is a simple 90 minute flight :)


Edit: got my tickets!!!!! :)

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Over half of Coldplay tickets sold: Big Concerts says South Africans fans have already snapped up 60 percent of ... bit.ly/ltmklA



Over 100 000 tickets on sale For both shows

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^ ah sorry! As far as I know, all the standing tickets are sold out, but I think there might still be a few seats available. And the promoters usually release a bunch of new tickets closer to the date as well. :)

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