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Will and Guy on Steve Lamacq's Show on BBC 6Music [TODAY 15/06/11 - 4.00pm BST]


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listen everybody - the guys are filming today the ETIAW video.


Just check their twitter account!


Yes! :D Can't wait to see the final product. :D


and Debs had said "No video" :rolleyes: :P Guess they changed their mind. :)

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how often does debs wild come on here?


what does she say?!


Well I'm not sure how often she checks the website, but she does post every now and then. Not significantly though. :P She said no video on her twitter last week I believe, but things might have changed from when she said that to now. ;)

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it's official. they are the most mysterious chaps of the year.


Sorry to say this, but Radiohead takes that prize in my book. :nod: Their lack of any...well...anything...when they dropped their album (with less than a week's notice AND a day early) was maddening.

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Damn only 10 - 11 songs from the "probably hundreds" they wrote.. Want to keep it short, oh man I was hoping they'd follow Arcade Fire on album length. Just put em all on it if it's so hard to choose! :P

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