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What track number will the Title of LP5 be?

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Assuming Coldplay keeps up their 'tradition' of making the album name the same as a song on the album, what track number do you think the title LP5 will be?

History gives us the following:

Parachutes - 7

A Rush Of Blood To The Head - 10

X&Y - 6

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Firends - 7 Or 10


Keep in mind I'm not counting hidden tracks (such as Life Is For Living, or Chinese Sleep Chant) in the track numbering. So DAAHF is track 10 of 10, not track 12 of 13.

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You guys are clearly bored as hell and would be making better use of your time making polls like "Will the physical album be available in jewel case or cardboard?" or "If every teardrop is a waterfall, then what does that make every waterfall?" or "How many hairs are on Chris Martin's head?"


BTW, my vote goes toward it being a B-side so that you all look dumb. :P

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