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I'm New, But I want some Coldplay friends (:


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:heart:Wow! Coldplayers are the best :D Everyone is so welcoming!

@ShotsIntheSky: Yes, I love Guy haha and welcome :D

@bubbleymonki: OHHH, what part of Arizona??

@ticking_clocks: That's a hard question. I think it changes almost daily. That's one of the things I love about Coldplay, I keep falling in love over and over again with their songs. I'm really into Charlie Brown right now (: Can't wait for the new album

@Chloe_Martin: Thank you :lol:

And everyone else, Thank you for being so kind!!!!

And sorry, I don't know how to quote yet :confused:

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That's a great song! I know how you feel, I try to keep a top 10, but it changes everyday and I always get into different songs depending on my mood and state of mind. But that's why I love coldplay, they have something for everyday of my life. Colplay fans are the best aren't they? lol P.s Don't worry I dont know how to quote either, :-P

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