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  1. Love the chorus, should be played more than once, although wish Chris could sing it, but he is not much of a princess! :P
  2. I preferred it as just Chris but Rihanna doesn't sound too bad.... cause she doesn't really sound like Rihanna, so it works better than I thought! Quite enjoyable but Rihanna overruns the song, it would of been better with more Chris, considering its Coldplay's song afterall! 7.5/10 for me but I am sure we will see this near the top of the charts!
  3. Thank god for UIP! Can't wait to hear the studio version!!!! :)
  4. I like it a bit better then when it first came out! However it does get stuck in your head so in the middle of exam when I am trying to write and think of an answer on repeat in my head is 'Para para paradise' LOL
  5. May I please claim the lyric from POC 'You were holding in your hands the two halves of my heart' :)
  6. Oh, the way that gravity pulls on you and me!
  7. I like it, but the snippet was more promising, so it was a bit of a let down! I thought it would be a bit more deep and meaningful, ah well, bring on MX! :)
  8. 1. The Scientist 2. Fix You 3. Swallowed by the Sea 4. Princess of China 5. Speed of Sound
  9. Moving To Mars - 14 Hurts Like Heaven - 38 Charlie Brown - 12 Princess Of China - 19
  10. Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea and of course Princess of CHINA! :D LOL
  11. Better not be left off MX!!!! I love this song so much I made it my username! LOL :)
  12. I think it will be on the album, although I would personally prefer it not to be and have another fresh unheard song in its place. There is nothing wrong with ETIAW, I personally love it and get excited when it comes on the radio, I just don't want it taking the place of an unheard song, especially since its already been released.
  13. I haven't been on since before the announcement, although I have been flicking through keeping up to date on all the latest news and I am just gonna say I AM SO DAMN EXCITED!!!! Of course I really want Princess of China to be on the album, just so badly want to hear it clearly!!!! But after that you can't really judge a song by its title so I have just fingers crossed and high expectations of what Coldplay has in store for us! :)
  14. If it doesn't I would cry, love this song. Makes you just wanna jump up and down and pump your fist, even though the quality is so crap!
  15. Hahaha didn't think so! :laugh3:
  16. I think I have been listening too much Coldplay lately (is there such a thing??? LOL) and now my poetry is starting to become influenced by it, not that it could compare! LOL
  17. POC, even if the quality is crap, quickly followed by the scientist! :) <3
  18. Hi there Marlee and Shotsinthesky! :) Welcome!! :D
  19. Hahha thanks! :D Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome! :)
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