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Hey there everyone out there in the Coldplaying world.

I am not really new or anything, but I haven't really gotten involved in the whole Forum thing except for posting a couple of my videos.


I love Coldplay with all my heart and no matter what they will always be my favorite band in the whole universe. And I'm glad I get to share this experience with you guys. Because Coldplay fans are the best in the world, Right?


My second favorite band would most certainly be Muse. Love them as well, just not nearly as much as Coldplay because I am ALWAYS in the mood for Coldplay no matter what.


I love to make music videos with Coldplay songs and have yet to make any Muse videos. But rest assured I shall.


I also play piano pretty well I think and it is my number one favorite thing to do ever. That and singing as well. Neither of which you will catch in my videos because it's rather embarrassing. :)


The reason I haven't posted very much on here is because it's been the summer and here in AZ it gets all hot and blah blah blah.

But now school is starting up and that should give me a reason to post some more.


How does this work? Well my school was the first in the nation to go completely laptop for education. (PLUS THEY'RE MACS) Pretty awesome right? Well they have pretty strict restrictions on the internet for obvious reasons, but they didn't block out Coldplaying.com :D


And so you might catch me posting during lunch or whatever. PRETTY SWEET RIGHT???

I get to be on here during freaking school!!!!


Oh and basic info about me is:

15 years old

brown, short short hair,

Proud skinny jeans wearer (all kinds of colors including lime green and bright red and working on finding yellow)

Height: 5'10"

Location: Tucson, AZ, US

Favorite Coldplay song: It changes but right now I am in love with Moses and Everything's Not Lost

Favorite Muse song: Like a lot, but Map of the Problematique, Eternally Missed, and Blackout


I love to talk to people, so if you wanna talk, I'm down with whatevs :D


Hope to get a lot out of this forum for Coldplay and life in general. Because we all know Coldplay is life

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Ben Folds, a little bit of Radiohead is alright I suppose, U2 is pretty cool, Mumford and Sons, Good Charlotte, The Killers, and yeah!

And I don't HATE all pop music, I just listen to crap like Katy Perry and what not so I know what the other kids are talking about

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Welcome The Politik


Hey, I understand how you feel about playing piano and all in public, or in a public way on the net - it's only natural if you feel your music has to live up to certain expectations, I feel the same way myself at times. But don't panic - all gems start out rough, need the final polishing of the facets and such - you're probably better than you might imagine! Keep enjoying the musical experimenting, and glad you could join in!

Tell me your own Politik then

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