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Robyn covers Coldplay's ETIAW

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I actually just logged in to share it but you beat me to it.

Check out Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend, Indestructible, Dancing On My Own and Fembot. I think she is amazing.

This cover is not a karaoke, she puts her own spin to the song.

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I like Robyn, but I didn't like this for some reason. It just didn't click for me.


ETA: Her "wa wa wa waterfalls" are awful. Almost borderline don't sound in tune and sound way cheesier without the effect Chris uses. I think ETIAW is just an average song, but Robyn's version made me appreciate Coldplay's version.

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I'm listening to it now, and I'm actually kinda liking it so far. Then again, I do like electronic music in general (the simple kinda. Not really much of House or Trance. And surely not dubstep)


EDIT: I will agree her "wa wa wa waterfall" isn't the best, but the rest is pretty good I think.

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I want everyone to think of whoever they happen to think has the most angelic voice in the world.


Now I want you to think of that angelic voice singing "Wa wa wa wa wa TURFALL"


It still sounds awful, doesn't it?

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I've tried to ignore that there was a cover...BUT then the guys posted this link on Twitter saying 'Thumbs up' and it turned out to be Robyn's cover. So...I listened to it. This kind of music is not really my cup of tea, so...meh

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