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[3-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

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Does anybody remember the time when we got insanely happy when we got a little crappy 10 second mobile phone vid of a Coldplay gig, and now we're so spoiled that only a whole live stream makes us satified? :lol:


I remember when we're listening to the UCLA gig through a phone call and we had to listen the owner of the cell phone singing too. It was really interesting! :laugh3:

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So, is this one streaming? Sorry to be lazy but there's a lot of pages to search through,lol.




No I don't think so Tracie.. but for me that's OK, I'm seeing them on Friday.. but for you guys in the States, I hope they hurry and announce some dates for you.


But yes.. Daylight!! I am so excited for Friday... :dance:

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