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First or Second Half?


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Second! :heart:

This song makes me little bit sad because I remember the end of Live 2012 in cinema.

But I really like Up with the birds and I don't understand why it doesn't deserve more attention than Up in flames or Us against the world. ;)

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This could have been so great live. Imagine if they had left for a while after ETIAW and then Chris came back on and played the first half solo on the piano (maybe back on the C-Stage). Then the other band members would come back on for the second half of the song with them all standing together with just acoustic guitars kind of like how they played Don Quixote on the Viva tour. Perfect way to end a concert.

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I know I'm like a year and a half late on this thread... but I HAVE to listen to this song every time I fly. After Mylo Xyloto came out and the tour started, I flew a few times to see their concerts... so I associate the lyrics "float all over the world just to see her again" with me flying to see Coldplay <3

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