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  1. Mario magically comes to life and exits your television screen, takes a golden hammer, kills you and then begins a cross-continental rampage, murdering everyone on the face of the planet while in search of mushrooms. I'm watching Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix.
  2. The 'distant choir' has me extremely intrigued, but them saying that 'A Sky Full of Stars' has EDM elements really doesn't sound like something I'd like to hear on the album.
  3. 1. Don't Panic 2. In My Place 3. Viva la Vida 4. Talk 5. Lost! 6. U.F.O. 7. Death And All His Friends 8. Til Kingdom Come 9. Square One 10. Trouble 11. The Goldrush 12. Low 13. A Rush of Blood to the Head 14. Lovers in Japan 15. Life in technicolor ii Scores: Parachutes: 2 A Rush of Blood to the Head: 2 X&Y: 4 Viva la Vida: 6 Mylo Xyloto: 1 Wow, Viva la Vida having six makes sense since that's my all-time favorite album, but I'm surprised that Parachutes scored lower than X&Y since that's one of my other favorite albums...
  4. I have to agree with everyone else, hearing most of the album before it even is released is quick way to lose the anticipation. I'm really liking what they're doing so far with Ghost Stories.
  5. Yep. In fact I was just listening to them. Young the Giant?
  6. I could definitely see Kodaline or Bastille opening, The Temper Trap would be cool too, but what about Elbow? I think they'd be perfect...
  7. And here I thought that Coldplaying was a safe zone from Illuminati idiocy....sigh.
  8. This would be absolutely amazing if this happened!!! :o I wonder if they're counting Ghost Stories as their softer, more acoustic-sounding album, with the next album following the lines of say Viva la Vida or ARoBttH in terms of its scope and ambition. PLEASE BE TRUE! :D
  9. Death and all his Friends (10) The Scientist (9) 42 (8) Moving to Mars (7) Lovers in Japan (9) Major Minus (4) Charlie Brown (5) Shiver (6) Politik (6) Fix You (7)
  10. There were some seriously good movies last year....It's gotta be The Place Beyond the Pines, though The World's End, Gravity and 12 Years a Slave were all great too.
  11. :inquisitive: Sure. Why not. What future movie are you most looking forward to?
  12. I like some of them. Midnight is kind of ruined by the vocoder on Chris' voice, and both Another's Arms and Magic are fairly simplistic lyrically, but I still like them to some degree. SQ
  13. Inside Llewyn Davis - 7.5/10 300: Rise of An Empire - 4.5/10
  14. The new album is so, so, good....So far, it's easily my favorite album of 2014!
  15. Hot chocolate Chocolate or vanilla?
  16. Regular clothes. Elbow or U2?
  17. Listening to this now. Damn I love these guys...
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