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hello i dont know if you all use google chrome or not but it would be awesome if some made a coldplay theme for it.. now i would if i knew how to be artsy but i dont sone dont be all bitchy and say do it your self..


Yeah I use Google Chrome and it would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I dont have the first idea about how to go about making one! :(

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friend, you posted a link to your own explorer, people cannot just have access to your computer like this (lucky you!)


you must upload the image you want to put here in an image hoster site in order to share it, there are several out there, i personally recommend tinypic.com


then you will finally copy the link they provide and insert in a message with those before and after it. :)





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download the theme and when the pop up window asks with which program you'd like to open the file, choose chrome.


then a bar will be shown on the bottom asking if you're sure about installing it. install it. it will be installed. enjoy the installation.

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