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What should I bake [2]

Italian Plastic

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You could try putting little pieces of bacon in them, then you would have Bacon Chip Cookies, or you could make the cookies out of bacon, and then put bacon chips on the bacon cookie, and then you have a double bacon cookie.

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mmm, fair trade chocolate brownies!!:cool:

Hm, now I'm hungry!:laugh3:

You might enjoy Kolaches, they're easy - basically like a biscuit or doughnut, just dimple the middle and dollop some fruit or sweet cheese filling (or poppy-seed filling), bake in oven on a sheet, mmmm!!! quick and oh so good!;)

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Yesterday I made brownies, classic cake and strawberry pie. the brownies and pie were the most loved by the visiters. I'd go for brownies. They are easy to make and most people love it.


I also bought the ingredients already for space cookies except the cannabis. The cookies (or cake) are good if you heat up the butter with some cannabis and then take the cannabis out. The active compounds are now dissolved in the butter and with that you can make cookies or cake. But I don't know how this would work out if you're not in the Netherlands :(

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