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Mylo Xyloto Official Piano Songbook


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it helps, but i want the official sheets


Well, Musicnotes is a music store, so they do have the official sheets. They're just individual, and not in a songbook collection. And they're also digital, so if wanting the actual book (paper and all) is what you're interested in, then just say that. But if all you want is official, Musicnotes is your best shot.

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what`s with this musicnotes?? C`mon cut the cr*p and take a look to the serious music store - MUSICROOM!


Both versions of the book are released already:


tab - http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/01035010/details.html

pvg - http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/01037370/details.html


p.s. beware of "live 2003" tab book - these are not transcriptions of songs in live version. these are the same transcriptions as in "p" and "arobtth" tab books + One i love, See you soon and Moses

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If there`s about PVG books... then that`s a fact!

Parachutes, AROBTTH and X&Y were brilliant!! :)

VLVODAAHF, PM and MX are crap:/


I don`t know why Wise Publications are transcribing vocal line in "right hand part"??


The piano should be transcribed as close to the original as possible and melody line should be separated.


Sorry, but that`s why I hate Hal Leonard piano books:(


HL are making great guitar books but not piano books.


P.S. Hope to have "singles & b-sides" tab book soon:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Well you get 3 lines, piano & bass, and melody. That's the way it is for all music :confused: Choir Music, Band Music, and etc.


Besides, this book doesnt have chords -_-


PVG without chords can't be right... it's like a door knob without the knob!!


PVG stands for: 'Piano Vocal Guitar'.

If there are no chords, than it's just PV.


The sample also clearly shows chords for Hurts Like Heaven.(Bb - Ebmaj7)


@ the Amazon.co.uk link: It sells a PVG but the picture clearly says, guitar tab... not such a good idea I think... :\

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