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Request For Xyloband


I'm a great fan of Coldplay.


And i want to have a Xyloband... Pls help me to have it... I dn't know how to get it. I'm from India.. It will not reach our place any how. This may sound funny or weird, but i find no other way. So, if you have a spare pls sent me.. I will be very happy if i can get one.


My address:

Patea Sailo

Project Road, Kolasib,

Mizoram, INDIA


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You guys with the bands are lucky because, by summer, when Coldplay are doing their gigs, most (if not all) are during the day i.e daylight so the bands won't have the same effect.


Also, I read somewhere there were only plans to use the bands in December anyway. I think for us who don't get Xylobands, we'll get something else, maybe better :)


I'm taking Chris Martin before anyone suggests it hehehe

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hopefully theyll be giving them out at the van show, in an article it said everyone with a ticket will get a band =) but can anyone show/tell me the link to the LRLR post? i was able to get an extra copy (yaay for being the last ones out of the arena haha) i wouldnt mind sending.

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