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Xylobands Sharing

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Hi everybody,

We would like to start a Xyloband sharing thread just like the LeftRightLeftRightLeft mailing thread http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57134


It's simple. If you have a spare (or two or three etc...) Xyloband and you'd like to give it away to a fellow Coldplayer, just let us know. And if you want one, also let us know.


"You'll have to organise the sending yourselves. This is merely an information guide for those wanting to give someone a spare and those wanting to have this."

Please post your location (for postage) and this doesn't guarantee you a Xyloband. And if you get a Xyloband, please say thank you and let me know so I can remove your name from the list.

I'll do my best to keep the list updated.



Thank you Kroket :nice:

Thank you editor42 :nice:

Thank you _Tash :nice:





Alien Radio (Croatia)

rafaelchampion (Brazil)

shiver_42 (Poland)

u.f.o (Poland)

kate88 (Poland)

kate_ (Poland)

Talk42 (Poland)

DundahMifflin (USA Texas)

iluvcoldplay (Barbados)

Baw8cc (USA Missouri)

golfing7861 (USA Texas)

ParaParadise (Poland)

daly_obrien (USA Illinois)

Juanma (Urauguay)

fru.overvad (Denmark)

ForYouIBleedMyselfDry (USA Virginia)

Malaika (Canada)

Coldlight (Poland)

ola_nyc (Poland)

aleksandral23 (Poland)

sparkle (Philippines)

kmmw (Poland)

inengsol1500 (Philippines)

hokiegibbs (USA)

Nathalie Ferreira (Brazil)

shame (Poland)

Carlsch (Austria)

27 (Texas USA)

Daritta (Poland)

Talia (Toronto, Canada)

furyasd (Portugal)

adrian2425 (California, USA)

Donggyun Kang (South Korea)

Coldplero (Argentina)

stevedes (India)

Chris594 (England)

mashcroft (New York, USA)

drawingyourattention (Netherlands)

bucko (England)

ediskrad73 (New York, USA)

Mi (Poland)

Jurri1 (Netherlands)

Forty Two (Florida, USA)

jeffc418 (Washington DC, USA)

Fazkool (Indonesia)

abkatz23 (Ohio, USA)

llllea (Germany)

Jdwaldy (Michigan, USA)

Dan Medina (Brazil)

joelardieri (California, USA)

vivacious_ (Poland)

LauCH (Canada)

mel16 (UK)

not-the-scientist (South Africa)

cp42 (Croatia)

j007casper (Mongolia)

givelovesolong (Australia)

Felicci (Sweden)

zabardas (India)

A non e-mosse (NC, USA)

Lore (Chile)

cosmic.cold (Poland)

DeathsFriend42 (Virginia, USA)

MariamLeto (Abu Dhabi)

Blakexy1125 (Florida, USA)

Jkxuan (China)

BlinkTime (California)

Snappleart (Norway)

kathylj03 (Florida USA)

thundy08 (Seattle, USA)

lostandcold1 (Singapore)

scientistka (Magdalena, Poland)

jesalbert1 (Puerto Rico)

merlefr (Canada)

coldplayer11 (Texas, USA)

turin990 (Denmark)

Wikie (Hungary)

cojapacze (Poland)

TyM218 (Canada)

speed+of+light (CA, USA)

n-cold (Poland)

zigzag (UK)

uvapmac21 (USA)

mkmtje (Aruba)

Bagmaster (Illinois, USA)

DukeNewcomb (UK)

MikeMorris (UK) Please !!!!!

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I'd be really grateful if I could get one..! ...considering that Coldplay would never come to India and its too bloody expensive to travel all the way for the show.. :s

- Suhit, India

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Have 2 Xylobands


Hi there

I'm located in Vancouver, Canada - have 2 Xylobands from recent concert, very happy to give them away.


5/3/2012 Update - now taken, sorry!! No more inquiries please.

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Dang it. I'm from California as well. SoCal! I really need a blue, pink, green, or white one. Those look soo cool.


I will see if any of the people I went to the concert with want to part with their xylo band. (they're not massive fans like me) I'll get back to you if I can find another! :)

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I got mine at the Hollywod Bowl concert of May 02 but it didn't work... :( I know that the concert was the right time to make it flash, but I wanted to know if it could be fixed and if you could make it light up at home anyway :P

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