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Xylobands Sharing

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I find it funny that 98% of the forum is people saying they want one! I don't think anyone in his right mind would give one away! :O :P haha I want one so bad too but I will have to wait until July to get mine here in Montreal hehe :P


Well, if you have more than 1 Xyloband, you could be kind enough to give your spare ones to other avid Coldplay fans who are not able to attend their concerts :)

I know they will be forever grateful :nice:

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Not to play the puppy card, but I really wanted to make a Central Canada show this summer (I live near Toronto) but I work at camp from May to August. So I dont get to go to this tour :(

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So...I wanted to go to Turin and my boyfriend wanted to give me tickets for Xmas but he wasn't able to buy them first of the sold out [30min]...I'll be really happy if someone would share one of his Xylobands with me...=)




[Anyway I just find out this forum! U guys are great! I'll enjoy it (english permitting ^^")]

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