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Chart of the Mylo Xyloto Era (Last Updated December 9, 2012, All Known Releases, Tour, Map and setli


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Spanish rain is part of the mx era because it was recorded in the LP5 sessions. So too is Christmas Lights. Deal with it.



Prove that Spanish Rain was ever studio recorded in any session before you make this claim.

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Prove that Spanish Rain was ever studio recorded in any session before you make this claim.


Spanish Rain was played on 26th February 2010. LP5 recording sessions started in late 2009. If it wasn't recorded (or at least demoed), how do you explain this:


From The Southbank Show; Viva Coldplay


1000-1 (Ballad Of …)


Alien Radio

Alive Day




Car Kids

Cartoon Head

Cartoon Heart

Christmas Lights

Drunks And Guns

Famous Old Painters

Gardeners On The Frontline

Great Expectations

Harbingers Of Doom


Hook Up

If I Ever Fall In Love Again

It Was A Wonderful Day

Love In A Lethal Dose

Lucky Sevens

Sex Violence

Space Symphony

Spanish Rain

Wedding Bells


Wondering Star


Gees, you people had been raving about LP5 in the months leading up to the announcement, and now it seems like everyone's forgotten EVERYTHING about the LP5 hype. Did you also forget the time where everyone on this forum was jumping and raving when they first played Spanish Rain? Because it was the first material ever released from the new era? People really forget ALOT of things these days... :rolleyes:


In addition, lets look at some of the lyrics of Spanish Rain:


So tell that princess

Tell that princess right down the train

Tell that princess

She'll never be lonely again


I heard you never get wet in Spanish rain

Ooh, ooh


Mylo Xyloto story, anyone?

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Buzz (Ambient piece), Drunks and Guns (possible lyrical source?) -> Every Teardrop. It was mentioned in a couple LP5 interviews and news articles. Not to mention registered song names like Drunk changing into Every Teardrop. Cache the ICBM page and "Drunk" will come up with the same registration number as Every Teardrop has today.


The rest, :shrug:

I must have made a mistake. The others I have no idea about.

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I didn't know that Wedding Bells was live, I thought it was a studio recording.


The guitar version was a demo recording, and the piano version was played live once in 2010. Oh, and Chris also played the guitar version at some charity event last year I think.

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The song I really care to be released is Aiko. I like the songs Coldplay makes out of names like Lhuna, Lukas, Charlie Brown, Don Quixote, and Sweet Marianne so I bet Aiko will be awesome if it's ever made. And if not, I will make it myself >:3

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