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Talk Remix Cover (and Don't Panic once again)


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Hello everyone,


I made another cover of a special-live version, this time it's the Talk-remix from the Viva La Vida Tour. I kinda failed at the outro, sorry for that, I'm not such a good piano player. (And I am aware of the wrong note, I was just too lazy to re-record it :P)


Tell me what you think about it!


I've also reuploaded my cover of Don't Panic. I improved the sound quality (the voice was a bit screechy at some points) and turned the harmonica-volume a bit lower.

[ame=http://soundcloud.com/never-thought-about-names/dont-panic-coldplay]Don't Panic (Coldplay Cover) by Never Thought About Names on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]


Thanks to splintercell37 for giving me some tips about recording and stuff, really helped me out.




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If it's about Talk, the moment I heard your voice I thought "great!". What can I say? I wish I had a voice like you. The whole cover was really really good. I enjoyed it pretty much. The ending was also nice but I think the last notes could be incorrect but that doesn't matters.

I started wondering how would Don't Panic sound. And it's fucking great. Sometimes it was a little annoying especially "we live..." but otherwise I really think it's an awesome job.

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If you like it, it really has to be good.


Oh my God, I'm so glad people finally got that :D Yes, that's it. And then I come across as a exigent retard : D


I mean your voice but hmm... I don't think it was the voice itself but the way it was recorded. Maybe moving away from the mic a little would do the job.

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