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[1-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI, USA


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They just added it to their facebook page




Ticketmaster link


Onsale to General Public

Start: Sat, 02/04/12 10:00 AM EST


American Express

Start: Mon, 01/30/12 10:00 AM EST

End: Fri, 02/03/12 10:00 PM EST



edit: tweet


Detroit Palace Of Auburn Hills show just announced for 1 August - ticket info at http://cldp.ly/cpdetrt A




Detroit show added

26 January 2012 1:10 pm

Show at Palace of Auburn Hills on 1 August



Good afternoon. It's just been announced that Coldplay will play at Detroit's Palace of Auburn Hills on 1 August 2012. Tickets go on general sale at 10am on 4 February from Ticketmaster. There will also be a pre-sale for AMEX cardholders, beginning at 10am on 30 January, again from Ticketmaster.


To see the full list of 59 shows now in the diary, head to our Live section.



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It's about freaking time. Now I just need to convince someone to spend $125 to go with me :rolleyes:. Seriously though, I'm going to this even if I have to get the top of the top seats. Is this going to be like all of the other US shows and have seats on the floor? If it does that's really dumb.

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Well, the best seats are going to be on the floor. Here are the costs for all seating:


Floor seating

US $96.50 Ticket + US $15.15 Fees = US $111.65


Club seating (100 or lower level)

US $76.50 Ticket + US $14.75 Fees = US $91.25

US $96.50 Ticket + US $15.15 Fees = US $111.65


Loge seating (200 or upper level)

US $46.50 Ticket + US $14.10 Fees = US $60.60

US $76.50 Ticket + US $14.75 Fees = US $91.25


I don't know what tickets will be offered for the radio/venue presale. The AmEx presale looks like it is only VIP or non-floor seats. I think I'll be going for it in the general sale. I just hope I can get great floor seats. :\

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For people who are interested, here is a good seating chart where you can zoom in and see the exact rows in detail: http://www.palacenet.com/files/palace_gcs_map.pdf



I'm not sure how many floor seats are "available"; a lot of those are designated VIP party and VIP tour seats.


I ended up getting two sets of tickets, so I'm eventually going to sell the first set that I bought (they weren't as good as the second set). If anybody here doesn't end up getting seats let me know. At some point I will either put them for sale in the Ticket Exchange thread, or put them on ebay or something.


This will be my first time seeing them at the Palace, I've only seen them at DTE before this (June 2009)! Actually I think DTE is better in general, but oh well. :tongue:

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^ You can get Club seating right now if you go to the Venue / Live Nation / Radio Presales section, type in "electronic", pick best available. However, the ones that pop up are at the far side of the stage (maybe a little behind). This is an example, they are about $120 each:


Section 103

Row M

Seats 13 - 14

Description Price Level 1

Club seating (100 or lower level)

Warning! Side stage!


But you could wait to see if you can get other Club seats tomorrow though that aren't so far to the side.


And when I checked earlier, the floor seats (except VIP) were already sold out.

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I don't think the other sections are sold out yet. The hard part is that even though ticketmaster has implemented a "choose your own seat" format recently, it hasn't been applied to this yet. So you are at the whim of what the software considers best available, as opposed to what you might consider best available. Basically it stinks because we can't see how many seats are left (and where).

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When I tried the password around 10:15 this morning none of the floor tickets were showing up. I can't believe that I forgot about it this morning. Hopefully I can get something on the floor tomorrow. :anxious:

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Yeah I think I might wait and see if any lower bowl tickets open up. Last time during the Viva tour I bought tickets day one on the floor from Ticketmaster then about 5 months after that found ones about 15 rows in front of that. Not even sure how that happens.

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