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Would You Rather...??

Screenager Girl :D

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Okay, so I don't know if this game has ever been on here, but some friends and I were playing it and it got to be really amusing. Basically, you just ask someone three weird and random questions, and they have to choose which of the three they'd rather do. Then the next person comes up with three new questions. Hope it works here!! (the grosser and weirder, the funnier!!)


I'll start...


Would You Rather...


1. Be trapped in an elevator with 10 dripping sweaty people with terrible breath for 10 hours

2. Have a baby throw up drool into your open mouth

3. Run your tongue ten inches down the door of a public restroom stall??



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*gag* OK, I'll go with the stinky elevator party since half of them could be my bandmates,lol. (Glad they're no on this forum!:P)


Would you rather:


1. Make out with a 90-year-old

2. Eat, thoroughly chew up and swallow a worm

3. Strip naked at the next Coldplay concert


(I bet I know which Chris would choose. ;))

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Haha, good ones TracieMorgan!! :lol:


I just simply COULD NOT choose number 1, and I couldn't allow myself to do something so utterly inappropriate in front of CP :blush::no:, so I guess I'll have to go with the worm one. :cry:


Would you rather...


1. Be a female but talk with Morgan Freeman's voice with no way of disguising it for two whole months

2. Live off of canned cat food for one month *oh dear*

3. Not be able to listen to CP for a whole year :o

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No, 2


NO 3



WYR (if you're married then imagine you are not :snobby: )

1. Be proposed to at a Coldplay concert

2. Have a passionate kiss during your favourite Coldplay song at a Coldplay concert

3. Have your partner propose to you by getting on stage with the band and pulling you up

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