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I feel like Europe is just this cool in-joke that Americans aren't in on.

The Mad Hatter

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The general view of Americans is that they wake up and go to KFC or McDonalds (Depending on race) and clog their arteries with even more shit, then go to a stupid inaccurate film where shit blows up, then go to bed.


I don't think this is true, but that's what it is.

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avatar20611_51.gif <- gosh I love this! :cheesy:







Oh and to contribute anything to this thread, Europe and America both have their problems, sometimes they're amazingly cool and sometimes they just suck big time. Perhaps Europe might seem a little bit more interesting to Americans because there are many countries with their different cultures, languages and histories. Whatevurrr :shrug:

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America, let me show you it:



Unabomber for Montana? He only spent part of his life there, and of the multiple states he bombed I don't think Montana was one of them. Mmmm, the Unabomber went to the University of Michigan though. There is still a plaque dedicated to his mathematical abilities in the Math Department. :| (I no lie, I saw it a few years ago, 'tis a bit creepy.)



Back on topic, if I won the lottery I would move to England and travel across Europe.

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