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The New Song..


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in december or something, it was revealed that coldplay were working on a new song. My question was if we'll get to hear it soon? :)


I assumed you were talking about that. No, it's not that K'naan song.

I remember some news about that and something about Davide Rossi going to London to work with them again...

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Well the only reasons they would be recording a new song could be:

1. LP6. (Obviously this is not a likely option seeing as we only just got MX)

2. B-Side. (quite likely seeing as the Charlie Brown single is coming soon, and the fact that they're putting it off for so long suggests that they could be using the time to record a B-Side)

3. An EP. (Not quite as likely but still possible if there are enough leftover songs from MX)

4. Standalone single. (I don't know why they would want to do this yet as there are plenty of single-worthy songs on MX.)

5. Live-only song. (Who knows, maybe they're just recording a backing track for a song they're only going to play live?)

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